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The Student Organization Finance Committee works to support the needs of 350+ student organizations in a way that prioritizes efficiency and equity. In this guide, you can find SOFC's funding policies and procedures. It is our hope that this guide will not only promote transparency but also serve as a useful guide for student organizations when requesting University student activities funds.

Please note that eligibility for funds depends on 1) Group Type (see Status Types) and 2) Fund Type (see Operational and Capital Fund vs. Programming Fund). Different group types have access to different funds and different funds support different types of expenses.

All SOFC funding decisions are made with the line item policy in mind. In other words, requests are reviewed based on their line items, independent of the group that submitted the request.

While SOFC strives to support as many student organizations as possible, we are a subsidizing body with limited funds and, thus, we cannot fund all events fully. We do the best we can to balance the needs of individual organizations with the needs of the entire student activities ecosystem.

We encourage student leaders to attend our training, and email us with questions about policies and procedures as well as get feedback on requests in advance of a hearing. This information can be found throughout our website.

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