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GRUNCH encourages undergraduates to learn about the challenges and rewards of continuing their education in graduate and/or professional school from the perspective of a current graduate or professional student at Duke. Much like the Faculty Lunch program (FLUNCH), the Graduate-Undergraduate Lunch program (GRUNCH) provides funding for an undergraduate to invite a graduate or professional student to lunch, 100% free!


Who can GRUNCH:

Due to the pilot program’s limited funds, students can use 1 GRUNCH per semester, and GRUNCHes are available first come first serve. Students must be degree-seeking undergraduate at Duke in order to participate in GRUNCH. The last day to submit a Grunch request is the last day of class for a given semester; the last day to hold an approved GRUNCH is the Friday of exam week each semester.


  • Invite a graduate student to GRUNCH and arrange a time and place. GRUNCHes can only be held from 10:00 am and 6:00 pm Monday through Friday, but they can be held at any location on campus that takes Food Points.

    • If you don’t know a graduate student, use the GRUNCH contact spreadsheet to choose one to reach out to (organized by department). If there isn’t one in the department you’re interested in, there is still one that can probably offer valuable insights. The spreadsheet will be updated as more graduate students agree to be GRUNCH contacts.

    • If you do have a graduate student in mind (e.g. a TA, an advisor, someone in your lab, etc.), reach out to them individually and make lunch plans.

  • Fill out and submit the GRUNCH request form. The form MUST be submitted at least 4 business days in advance of your GRUNCH; otherwise, there is no guarantee the GRUNCH manager will be able to approve it in time.

  • Once the GRUNCH manager approves your request, you’ll get an email with instructions about getting your Duke Dining card from the UCAE Business and Finance Office. The card holds $30 worth of Food Points and can only be used on the day of the GRUNCH.

  • After your GRUNCH, you will receive an email with a post-GRUNCH survey that you should fill out. In the survey, you will be able to upload a picture of your receipt to verify the lunch did occur.


The last day to submit a GRUNCH request is Wednesday, April 24 at midnight. The final day to hold a GRUNCH is Saturday, May 4.

Questions about grunch?

Email (AVP of Academic Affairs) or (GPSG President).

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