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DSJ Judiciary

Founded in 2009, the Duke Student Government Judiciary (DSGJ) makes up the third branch of Duke’s Student Government. It is the role of the DSGJ to ensure that the actions of Duke Student Government and its related groups (including all registered student groups) adhere to Duke’s Constitution, Bill of Rights, and accompanying Bylaws. We are committed to serving, protecting and defending students' rights. The Judiciary is comprised of the Chief Justice, Associate Justices, Clerks, and the Office of Public Advocacy.

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Our Role

What can we do?

The Judiciary has the power to conduct investigations, subpoena evidence and witnesses, settle group disputes, and to discipline student groups, all in accordance with the Constitution. ​

What do we do?

The DSGJ hears cases of potential violations of the Duke Constitution and Bylaws. Potential cases include, but are not limited to: 

  • Contested Elections 

  • Objections to the Young Trustee nomination process

  • Objections to an SOFC decision by an individual or student group

  • Legislation or other DSG Senate activities that may violate the Constitution

  • Conflicts regarding K-Ville policies and the actions of Line Monitors

  • Impeachment and/or removal of DSG officers or student group leaders


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