An independent branch of DSG, the SOFC is responsible for the recognition, funding, and developmental support of nearly 250+ student groups on campus. We ensure the effective distribution and investment of Duke’s nearly $1M student fund with the goal of enhancing the undergraduate Duke experience through leadership training, involvement opportunities, and inclusive programming.

Our role

The SOFC is an up to 21-person undergraduate committee working in coordination with the  DSG Senate to allocate the student fund to recognized and chartered student groups. The main duties of the SOFC are:

  •  Overseeing the Programming Fund, which is open to all recognized and chartered student groups on a weekly, event-specific basis 

  • Running the Annual Budgeting process, through which money for the upcoming year is allocated to chartered groups for long-term expenses

  • Reviewing and recommending new and existing student groups for recognized and chartered status

  • Empowering Student Organization leaders through trainings and other support services  

Our structure

SOFC is composed of a Chair, Executive Vice-Chair, 4 Vice-Chairs, 3 External Representatives (DSG Treasurer, Arts, Service), and up to 12 general members that include 4 Student Advisors.

– Convening meetings of the entire SOFC to hear and deliberate funding and groups requests
– Serving on the DSG Executive Team, University Union Board, Council for Collaborative Action, and Cultural Engagement Fund

– Advocating for student organizations to the DSG Senate for funding or recognition

– Serving as a resource for student groups and leaders

– Facilitating the selection, appointment, and evaluation of Vice-Chairs

Vice-CHAIR, Executive

– Convening committee executive team meetings to discuss internal operations and best practice

– Support and lead the Vice-Chairs and their various responsibilities

– Facilitating the recruitment, selection, and evaluation of general committee members

– Assisting the Chair, as needed, and assume responsibilities in their absence


Vice-Chair, Management & Communication

– Directing Programming Leadership Team

– Preparing programming and annual budget requests for hearings

– Communicating with groups on funding decisions status

– Assisting student groups and the University Center for Activities & Events' Business & Finance Office with the funding allocation process

Vice-Chair, Student Groups

– Coordinating with the Launch Team to vet new student groups and facilitate communication between relevant parties

– Conducting a semesterly review of existing student groups and making subsequent recommendations to the SOFC regarding annual re-recognition and re-chartering

Vice-Chair, Auditing & Policy

– Directing Auditing Leadership Team

– Actively reviewing and revising the SOFC allocation policies for programming and annual budget as well as consulting relevant campus stakeholders

Overseeing the disciplinary and financial auditing of student groups

Vice-Chair, Analytics & Engagement

– Analyzing funding data and consulting on trends

– Tracking, modeling, and forecasting the expenditure of the Student Activities Fee

– Working with student groups to increase attendance, publicity, and openness of events



– Advocating and advising on funding as it relates to the DSG Senate as well as Arts and Service Organizations on campus


– Advising on funding at all stages of the process

– Mentoring and leading committee members in areas of financial specialization


– Serving as a resource for student groups for event logistics

– Specializing in Contracts & Negotiations, Event Services, External Funds & Packages, or Travel

– Serving on Programming or Auditing Leadership Teams


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