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An independent branch of DSG, SOFC is responsible for the funding and support of nearly 350+ student organizations at Duke. In collaboration with campus partners, we work to ensure the effective distribution and investment of Duke’s nearly $1M student fund, as well as elevate the voices of student leaders. Our goal is to enhance the undergraduate Duke experience by supporting engagement opportunities, student involvement, and inclusive programming.

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SOFC is an up to 23-person undergraduate committee working in coordination with the DSG Senate to allocate the student fund to recognized and chartered student groups. The main duties of SOFC are:

  • Overseeing the Programming Fund, which is open to all open, selective, and competitive student groups on a weekly, event-specific basis

  • Overseeing the Operational and Capital Fund process, that assists student organizations with any basic operating or upfront expenses critical to the viability of their group

  • Empowering Student Organization leaders through training and other support services

SOFC is composed of a Chair, an Executive Vice-Chair, 5 Vice-Chairs, 4 Campus Partner Representatives, and up to 12 general members

The SOFC Team works closely with the Office of the Treasurer.

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