Executive Team

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Lana Gesinsky (she/her)


Office Hours: TBA

Lana is a senior from New York City majoring in Political Science, minoring in Psychology, and doing the Ethics and Society Certificate. Her first-year fall she stretched her comfort zone and ran for CL Senator and has been hooked ever since. Lana is passionate about helping make sure every student feels they belong at Duke, and has a special interest in easing the transition for incoming first-years and transfers. She is also a Baldwin Scholar, a Duke Presidential Ambassador, and does work with the Kenan Institute for Ethics. You can find her procrastinating by saying hi to people on the BC plaza or eating anything and everything related to cheese. She is super excited to interact with you all this year - email her whenever!

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Devan Desai (he/him)

Executive Vice President

Office Hours: TBA

Driving a lengthy 15 minutes to campus is our Executive Vice President, Devan. Devan is a senior from Durham (no, campus is not “just in his backyard”) studying Public Policy, Biology, and Chemistry. He is passionate about health policy, music, Bollywood, trashy rom coms/dramas, and anything superhero related. Outside of DSG, Devan is involved with SCOHP, Duke Sangeet, Honor Council, tour guiding, and various research projects. He is also working with the Sanford School (evident in how he can perfectly navigate the staircases) and as a Margolis Scholar with the Margolis Center for Health Policy. You can find Devan drinking iced coffee from Beyu, eating too many soy nuggets from Sprout, or being indecisive about where to study on campus. Feel free to message him with TV show recs (for post MCAT bingeing), DSG or just to say hi!

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Hana Hendi (she/her)

Chief of Staff

Office Hours: TBA

Hana is a senior studying Biology on the pre-med track. She was born and raised in Dallas, Texas and falls into (almost) all of its stereotypes: sweet tea, more sweet tea, brisket, and a huge fan of Whataburger. During her time at Duke, Hana has been in three labs (simultaneously — not the best move) and loves to go on tangents about cellular biology or animal behavior. You can find her practicing to skate around campus, picnicking with friends at the Gardens, or studying for MCAT. Hana has been a part of DSG as a Senator since her first year at Duke, and her favorite part about student government is collaborating with student groups on the most important policies that emphasize equitable, sustainable, and accessible services. On campus, Hana serves as the President of the Muslim Student Association, works in the Immunology department, and is a Baldwin Scholar!


Isaiah Hamilton (he/him)

President Pro Tempore

Office Hours: TBA

Isaiah is a junior studying Biology and Global Health on the pre-med track. Whether it be Dreamville, the Carolina Panthers, the Charlotte Hornets, the Carolina Hurricanes, the Durham Bulls, Duke Athletics, or Cookout, he is a die hard North Carolinian. Outside of DSG, Isaiah currently serves as the President of Black Student Alliance, Secretary for the Alpha Alpha Chi Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc., and as an undergraduate researcher in the Drea Lab. If he isn't socializing in the Mary Lou Williams Center for Black Culture or eating at Sazon for the third time of the day, he enjoys playing Playstation and binging anime. Having served since his Freshman year as a senator on Equity & Outreach, Isaiah's biggest goal for the school year is to make Senate both more efficient and feel more welcoming to all! 


Amber Miranda (...)

Cabinet Director

Office Hours: TBA


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Shreya Joshi (she/her/hers)

Vice President of Campus Life

Office Hours: TBA


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Jax Nalley (he/him/his)

Vice President of Academic Affairs

Office Hours: TBA



Ashley Bae (...)

Vice President of Services and Sustainability

Office Hours: TBA



Zara Thalji (she/her/hers)

Vice President of Equity and Outreach

Office Hours: TBA

Zara is a sophomore from Chantilly, Virginia studying Public Policy and History. She is passionate about community organizing, climate change, discovering new bookstores, trying new restaurants, art, and celebrity culture (yes, she does keep up with the Kardashians). Outside of DSG, Zara is involved with the Asian Students Association, Asian American Student Working Group, Students for Justice in Palestine, and Baldwin Scholars. Since starting in Equity and Outreach as a freshman senator, Zara has been focused on advocating for ethnic studies and a multicultural building on campus. As VP, she hopes to foster relationships with students, student groups, and staff and bring neglected narratives to the forefront of the Duke conversation.

Current Projects