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Executive Team


Isaiah Hamilton (he/him)


Office Hours: Mondays 10-11am, Outside of Mary Lou or Zoom

Isaiah is a senior studying Biology and Global Health on the pre-med track. Whether it be Dreamville, the Carolina Panthers, the Charlotte Hornets, the Carolina Hurricanes, the Durham Bulls, Duke Athletics, or Cookout, he is a die hard North Carolinian. Outside of DSG, Isaiah is Secretary for the Alpha Alpha Chi Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc., an undergraduate researcher in the Drea Lab, and was the former President of Black Student Alliance. If he can't be found in the Mary Lou Williams Center for Black Culture or eating at Sazon for the third time of the day, he enjoys playing board games, Playstation, and binging anime. Having served both Freshman and Sophomore year as a senator on Equity & Outreach, then Junior year as President Pro Tempore where he presided over the Senate, Isaiah's biggest goal for the school year is to make DSG more inclusive and easily accessible to all.


Ashley Bae (she/her)

Executive Vice President

Office Hours: Wednesdays 10-11am, Zoom

Ashley is a senior studying public policy and cultural anthropology with a minor in global health. A proud Virginia native, Ashley is also the president of Duke KAjok (Duke's Korean-American affinity group), a Project Director for pGlobal, a member of SHAPE, and a cultural anthropology major ambassador. In her free time, Ashley enjoys spending time outside, reading, making yogurt bowls, and exercising, especially running her mouth. After three years of being on the services and sustainability committee, Ashley is passionate about recycling old jokes. Reach out to learn more about how Ashley practices a sustainable lifestyle!

Chase Barclay Headshot.jpg

Chase Barclay (he/him)

Chief of Staff

Office Hours: Wednesdays 1:30-2:30pm, Zoom

Chase is a senior studying Economics with a Finance Concentration and Mathematics from Dallas, TX (yes,🤠 is in his top 5 emojis). He has been involved in DSG since his freshman year as a Senator of Academic Affairs and a member of Duke's Information Technology Advisory Council (ITAC). Outside of DSG, Chase is involved across campus from being President of Scale & Coin and a member of the Duke Investment Club to a Tour Guide and an avid Cameron Crazie. If you cannot find him upstairs in WU or living in a tent in K-Ville, he is probably playing tennis, running between East and West, watching Dallas sports teams, looking through his fantasy lineup, or planning travel. 


Shreya Joshi (she/her)

President Pro Tempore

Office Hours: Tuesdays 3-4pm, Zoom

Shreya is a senior from Houston, TX majoring in History, minoring in Cultural Anthropologie, and doing the Politics, Philosophy, and Economics Certificate. Her first-year fall, she started out as a Services and Sustainability Senator before making the jump to Vice President of Campus Life her junior year. Her favorite part of student government is the exposure to and interaction with so many new identities and groups on campus. You can find her consuming unhealthy amounts of caffeine in WU or watching yet another Shonda Rhimes show. On campus, she also serves Co- President of Bench and Bar and President of the SLG Mirecourt. 


Sophie Smith (she/her)

Vice President of Campus Life

Office Hours: Fridays 1-2pm, Zoom

Sophie is a senior who took matters into her own hands and designed a major in Health Policy — thanks Program II! She also participates in Markets & Management studies due to a pre-consulting focus. (Totally not a pre-med sellout!) Sophie calls New York City home and just the best city, period. At Duke, she participates in a range of extracurriculars from Bass Connections and University Admissions, to Deja Blue a cappella and Greek life! In her free time, she enjoys traveling, cooking, baking, and (sometimes) going to the gym. You can find Sophie wandering the halls of WU, indecisively choosing what to eat, before she inconclusively decides where to study on-campus… 

Headshot square.JPG

Heather Raslan (she/her)

Vice President of Academic Affairs

Office Hours: Mondays 4:30-5:30pm, Zoom

Heather is a junior from the Chicagoland area majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Chemistry and Global Health. She truly enjoys working with the great team of people that make up Academic Affairs, and her favorite work has been serving as this year's Co-Director for Blue Devil Buddies and working on improving House Course structures. When she’s not doing work for DSG, you can find her doing research with her bass connection team, perfecting her WU cookie ranking list, and spending too much time on the BC tables with friends. Fun fact is that she was rejected from DSG multiple times during her freshman year... never give up!

Robertson Headshot - Katelyn Cai.jpeg

Katelyn Cai (she/her)

Vice President of Durham and Community Affairs

Office Hours: Wednesdays 3-4pm, Zoom

Katelyn is a sophomore born and raised in Scottsdale, Arizona. She’s extremely ill-adjusted to any weather that is not hot and dry, but nonetheless excited to be in Durham (hence, serving on Durham & Community Affairs). Her academic interests lie with public policy, mechanisms for building social trust & healing, predictive statistics, and ethical community engagement. Outside of DSG, she’s a dancer on Defining Movement, a Duke Presidential Ambassador, Robertson Scholar, and Sanford research assistant. She’s always down to chat about DSG transparency, dogs (specifically her dog), fancy coffee vs matcha, equity, and inclusion.


Yadira Paz-Martinez (she/her)

Vice President of Equity and Outreach

Office Hours: Wednesdays 4:30-5:30pm, Zoom

Yadira is a junior from Clinton, North Carolina. She is currently studying Public Policy and Sociology with a Certificate in Human Rights on the pre-law track. You can see Yadira almost everywhere on campus, almost surprisingly due to her 5 feet height. She is active in attending a variety of Duke events, supporting her friends and their hard work to plan those events. Additionally, Yadira has been involved with DSG since her sophomore year, as she served as a senator for E & O. Due to Yadira's Latina heritage (Mexican), she is active in Mi Gente and Duke Define America. She previously served on a Bass Connection team and is currently doing her own research regarding the socialization of farmworkers in NC. Yadira strives to spread happiness and positivity on Duke’s campus by creating a student government that serves the needs of every student!


Matthew Xu (he/him)

Vice President of Services and Sustainability

Office Hours: Fridays 12-1pm, 3rd Floor of the Wellness Center or Zoom

Matthew is a sophomore studying Public Policy and Economics. He’s from Princeton Junction in Central New Jersey (it’s real!). He’s passionate about Duke and New York Basketball, Succession, Art History, and Pickleball. At Duke, Matthew is involved in organizations such as Scale & Coin and Humans of Duke. You’ll see him working out in Wilson, waiting for a food truck outside Wannamaker, or wasting time in Perkins. Feel free to reach out at any time :)

Current Projects

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