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Liv McKinney


Liv McKinney is a senior that takes a large amount of pride in being from Columbus, Ohio (aka the 15th biggest city in the US). She studies biology and chemistry, and is passionate about expanding access to cervical cancer screening in rural areas with her Bass Connections team, improving the first year experience on FAC Board, and literally ~serving~ the students of Duke as a Commons server. If you like conversing over how we can improve Duke, companies/inventions that were recently featured on Shark Tank, my ranking of movies in the Twilight Saga (3, 5, 1, 4, 2), or first-year meal plans, shoot me an email or find me on first floor Perkins pretending to do work!

Avery Boltwood

Executive Vice President

Avery Boltwood is a senior from The Colony, Texas. Avery is majoring in Political Science and minoring in French (allegedly). But what does Avery do outside of school? Good question. Avery’s still trying to answer that. But a lot of the time, Avery might be writing a poem, rambling about ~institutions~, or just drinking with friends. You can find Avery in the Bryan Center—in fact, it’s unclear whether Avery even has a dorm or just sleep in the DSG office. If you have any questions, send them in, and Avery will provide an over-detailed answer that mostly misses the point.​

Saheel Chodavadia

Chief of Staff

Saheel is a senior from Austin, Texas studying Economics, Psychology, and Statistics. He’s a self-proclaimed spice aficionado and has at least one type of spice on his person at all times after a disappointingly bland Il Forno pasta experience. With a little convincing, he’s willing to discuss citruses (specifically limes) as an alternate source of flavor to spices. On campus, Saheel is a biiiiig start-up guy with I&E (#stayedgy, if you know you know), an even bigger advocate for refugees and vulnerable populations with the Kenan Institute, and a strong proponent of energizing and transforming academics at Duke. He’s excited to trod off the beaten path (is that right? Saheel is not good at idioms) with student input leading the way. Snapchat is his preferred form of communication, but if you must, email will do (haha jokes, please email him).

Manish Kumar

Vice President of Academic Affairs

Manish Kumar (pronouns: he/him/his) is a senior from Bellbrook, Ohio (with no plans to go back) pursuing a Program II titled “Policy and Identity as they Affect Health Outcomes.” His time at Duke is best captured by the evolution of his caffeine intake: from chai lattes as a first year to espresso shots as a rising senior. On campus, Manish works at the Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity, where you can catch him napping on one of the sofas. If you can’t find him there, catch him at Div Cafe (still salty they lost the bracket challenge) or in the study rooms under The Bolt. Manish is super big into undergraduate research and into his work with Asian American Studies Working Group. He loves running, late night convos, and meeting new people, so hit him up anytime (especially if you have food points).

Tommy Hessel

Vice President of Campus Life

“Hey y’all,” is most likely how junior Thomas (Tommy) Hessel began some kind of public message that you may have seen. Born and raised in Dallas, TX (actually born in Plano), Tommy enjoys dsg, rowing/lacrosse, TA-ing CS 101, 3D printing, guitar/piano, comma-separated lists, and fishing, even though he hasn’t been able to use his fly fishing gear this semester. Tommy’s studies include one week of pre-med classes and another semester of Econ, before he fittingly settled on a Computer Science major with an Energy & Environment certificate and Econ minor. You can find Tommy in WU, Div stacks, LSRC, and 1st floor Perkins where he is always eager to meet new people (part of the reason he goes by the more approachable: “Tommy”) and chat about anything from the academic domains of the WSJ/ MIT Tech Review articles, campus housing, and I.T. resources all the way to the less academic domains of Minnesota Vikings football, newest releases of GOT or David Attenborough series, and literally anything on YouTube.   ​

Valeria Silombria

Vice President of Durham and Regional Affairs

Valeria is a junior from Miami, FL studying Political Science, Psychology, and Asian & Middle Eastern Studies. She first fell in love with Durham after participating in Project BUILD and has been involved with the committee ever since. She’s also on the Duke Student Alumni Board and Nakisai African Dance Team! You can almost always find her studying in West Union because she thinks that’s the most beautiful building on campus and that the workers at Cafe are some of the nicest people she’s ever met. She loves learning languages, art, dance, and making new friends so please say hi or stop and chat when you see her around!


Ivan Robles

Vice President of Equity and Outreach

Ivan Robles is a senior from Miami, Florida (which he’ll mention within 5 minutes of you meeting him). He studies Political Science and International Comparative Studies, with an interest in Latin American culture and politics. You can usually find him pretending to know how to use the weights in Wilson or practicing Beyoncé choreo in front of the mirror. If you’re ever looking to rant about the inequities of Duke and brainstorm what can be done about them, Ivan would be MORE than happy to discuss it over a bowl of Sazón rice and beans!


Kait Boncaro

Vice President of Services and Sustainability

Kait Boncaro is a low-income first-generation senior who since coming to Duke has not only dropped Pratt, but also discovered her love for equitable public education policy. She hails from the small college town of DeLand, Florida (go Hatters!) and has since relocated to the even smaller rural town of Murphy, North Carolina, so she likes to pretend she’s a native Carolinian but now you know the truth. In her free time you can find her in the Arts Annex for DefMo practice, in a Craven common room playing Dutch Blitz, in Crowell Quad wreaking havoc on bare benches, or at a two person table by Sprout for her office hours (M-F any time she doesn't have class). She’s always down to talk/rant about ways services can be more equitable and Duke can be more sustainable, so if you have any ideas feel free to shoot her an email or reach out to grab a coffee!

Alyson Diaz

President Pro Tempore

Alyson Diaz is a junior from Miami, Florida and if you listen to her talk for 5 minutes she will probably let you know. She is known as Mrs. 305 and completes her sentences with ‘Dale.’  She speaks English, Italian,Spanish, French (kinda rusty), and hopes to become polylingual learning Hebrew this summer. At home, she speaks Spanglish (aka her language of choice). She studies Public Policy at the Sanford School and Innovation & Entrepreneurship. She is extremely passionate about international affairs, particularly concerning Latin America or the Middle East. Podcasts are her key sources of information and entertainment in addition to binge watching documentary series on Netflix (hmu if you know some good ones). She works at a local Durham non-profit, Student Action with Farmworkers, where she hopes she inspires farmworker youth to attend college despite the hardships they may face.  If you would like to know what it was like growing up in a bilingual household or in an exile community you can find her in La Casa or training for her first 10k in Wilson gym.

Devin Mahoney

Chair of Student Organization Financing Committee (SOFC)

Devin Mahoney is a junior from Bozeman, Montana studying Political Science with a certificate in Markets and Management. When she is not reminding people that Montana is not just a state with a lot of horses, Devin works as a Resident Assistant in Bassett (east campus forever!) and is instead constantly reminding people she still gets to eat at Marketplace for the majority of her meals. Outside of school and extracurriculars, Devin enjoys hiking, cooking,  discussing dissolved boy bands, and watching The Office for the 23rd time (unfortunately this is not an exaggeration). If you want to chat about ways to improve SOFC, help getting your new student group started, why Niall was the best member of One Direction, or anything in between you can shoot Devin an email or find her in the Loop or on East Campus. 

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