Tommy Hessel (he/him/his)


“Hey y’all,” is most likely how senior (still can’t believe I’m writing down the word “senior”) Thomas (Tommy) Hessel began some kind of conversation or message that you may have seen. Born and raised in Dallas, TX (actually born in Plano), Tommy enjoys dsg, TA-ing CS 101, rowing, 3D printing, guitar/piano, comma-separated lists, parentheses, and fishing, even though he hasn’t been able to use his fly fishing gear these past few semesters. Tommy’s studies include one week of pre-med classes and another semester of Econ, before he fittingly settled on a Computer Science major with an Energy & Environment certificate and Econ minor. You can find Tommy in WU, Div stacks, LSRC, zoom rooms, and 1st floor Perkins where he is always eager to meet new people (part of the reason he goes by the more approachable: “Tommy”) and chat about anything from books on Bill Gates’ reading list, campus crowdfunding, student spaces, and I.T. resources all the way to Netflix’s Sex Education, anything narrarated by David Attenborough, and literally anything on YouTube.  

Dina Qiryaqoz

Executive Vice President


Devin Mahoney (she/her/hers)

Chief of Staff

Devin is a senior from Bozeman, Montana studying Political Science with a certificate in Markets and Management Studies and a (newly added) History minor. When she isn’t reminding people that Montana has things other than mountains and horses, Devin enjoys discussing all things Duke Student Government, why the Office is a legitimately funny TV show, and her multi-category rankings of her four dogs. For the past three years, Devin has worked on the Student Organization Finance Committee but is excited to spend her last year on DSG supporting the Cabinet, Senators, and the Executive Board as Chief of Staff. Outside of DSG, Devin works as a Resident Assistant (and finally moved off of East Campus this year) and is involved in political organizations on campus. When Devin isn’t hanging out in the DSG office, you can find her in the Loop, roaming around East Campus pestering her little sister, or pretending to do homework in Perkins. If you want to discuss all things DSG, why Niall was the best member of One Direction, the merits of niche Youtube, or anything in between, find Devin around campus or send her an email!

Shrey Majmudar (he/him/his)

Vice President of Academic Affairs

Shrey is a junior from Austin, Texas—all too evident with the number of times he says “y’all” or “yeehaw” or uses the 🤠 emoji—and a proud recovering pre-med to his beloved mother’s dismay. Shrey is studying Public Policy and Computer Science, but his life admittedly revolves around his DSG work. Shrey also loves leading tours on Saturday mornings, overseeing growth and strategy for Duke Impact Investing Group, and working with his WearDuke Bass Connections team. In his free time, Shrey can be found volunteering for FIRST Robotics (a STEM education non-profit), devouring coffee ice cream, chipping away at his private pilot license (someday!), and listening to Hans Zimmer’s magnificent film scores on repeat. On campus, you can spot a wild Shrey in the DSG Office, hidden away in the Rubenstein Library, or impulsively buying his third ABP smoothie of the day. Shrey has made a reluctant self-prognosis of the cholesterol issues he’s going to have later in life, given his motto is “extra cheese, please!”

Ramya Ginjupalli (she/her/hers)

Vice President of Campus Life

Waving hello from the tundra is our Campus Life VP, Ramya Ginjupalli. Ramya is a junior (yikes getting old) from West Bloomfield, MI. She is majoring in Evolutionary Anthropology and Global Health... and it only took her five major changes to figure it out. In her free time (jk when is she free) she leads tours around campus, volunteers at the children's hospital, and conducts stigma research with DGHI. Outside of all of that you can also find her binge-watching Gossip Girl, Avatar, The Society, you name it she is willing to watch it (at least until quarantine is over) and baking cookies (send recipes ~please~). She also loves exploring new music genres from punk rock to rap to country. At night you can find her on the first floor of Perkins with an Iced Caramel Macchiato talking with everyone to distract herself from studying. Feel free to contact her whenever - she would love to hear from you!

Aly Diaz (she/her/hers)

Vice President of Durham and Regional Affairs

I am from Miami, and if you listen to me talk for five minutes, I will probably let you know. I speak English, Italian, Spanish, and hope to become polylingual. At home, I speak Spanglish (aka my language of choice). I study Public Policy and History. I am passionate about increasing traditionally under- represented communities’ access and ability to influence public policy. Podcasts are my key sources of information and entertainment in addition to binge-watching documentary series on Netflix. I worked at a local Durham non-profit, Student Action with Farmworkers, where I worked with farmworker youth to empower them to speak up for their parents who may be facing extremely poor working conditions, and to attend college despite the hardships they may face. Also, I am the National Chair of Define American, a storytelling organization that attempts to change the narrative of immigrants in the US. I have engaged in organizing “know your rights” training, undocumented awareness week, lobbying at national and local levels, and creating a media platform to share stories of ALL immigrants. Find me in Hollows 5th floor study room and La Casa  submitting law school applications or 2nd Floor WU taking a nap.


Christina Wang (she/her/hers)

Vice President of Equity and Outreach

Christina is a junior who grew up baking cookies on her dashboard in Phoenix, Arizona. Majoring in Public Policy and Psychology and minoring in Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies (she took the classic sharp left turn away from a pathetic attempt at being premed), Christina is passionate about equity, representation, and empowerment. She is also the Program Director of Project BUILD, on the Diversity Equity & Inclusion Committee of Business Oriented Women, and in Asian Students Association. You can find Christina drinking (spilling) tea while pretending to study in WU or 1st floor Perkins, curating Spotify playlists, picnicking with friends in the gardens, wearing red (or yellow when feeling optimistic), eating Div Caf baked oatmeal, and having existential crises at ungodly hours in Pitch. She also enjoys hiking, reading, doodling, and talking about how she is friends with Zion Williamson and got to ride in his car as a first year. 


Zac Johnson (he/him/his)

Vice President of Services and Sustainability

Traveling a whopping twenty minutes to campus, Zac Johnson comes to Duke from the rural buffer of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, a short walk to the famed Maple View Farms. With a childhood so framed by the outdoors and an incredibly diverse family, his passion for both equitable services and sustainability has grown steadily since he was young. When he’s not enjoying the presence of people around him, working at the Duke Human Rights Center, or exploring hidden corners of North Carolina, you’ll find Zac listening to music a bit too loud anywhere on campus and laying in the quad. In his first year, Zac started as a Public Policy major, continued (and ended) his clarinet career in the Duke Wind Symphony, and quickly took up History as a second major and the Human Rights Certificate. He has directed his educational and professional energy towards expanding notions of human rights and access to them, participating in DukeImmerse: Rights and Identities in the Americas as well as the Kenan Pathways of Change Fellowship with Accountability Counsel. Some of his hobbies before and during quarantine include sailing, interior design, and buying too many plants to care for. 

Valeria Silombria

President Pro Tempore

Drew Flanagan (he/him/his)

Sophomore Drew Flanagan hails from Montclair, NJ (which he claims is basically New York City though his Duke friends from New York disagree) and is excited to join DSG exec after working as SOFC’s Vice-Chair of Programming & Financial Innovation this past year. When he’s not binge watching Money Heist (not sure why they trust him with the cash), eating lemon squares from Vondy (limited first-year food points ended that practice), or listening to country music, Drew can be found hanging around west campus with friends or studying in the library (hot take: he’s more of a Bostock fan). Last year, Drew served as President of Brown House Council – he loves east, but is also eager to explore west campus further. As Chair of the SOFC this year, Drew is looking forward to continuing to support student groups, helping to make their events a reality, and increasing accessibility of undergraduate resources. As a Statistical Science major (surprised he hasn’t mentioned that by this point), Drew is passionate about data science and has been working with other SOFC analysts and Vice-Chairs to review past investments and learn how to more effectively manage Duke’s student fund for the upcoming year.

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