Executive Team

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Christina Baby Pic_edited.jpg

Christina Wang (she/her)


Office Hours: Tuesdays 11:45am-12:45pm | DSG Office & Virtual

Christina is a senior who grew up baking cookies on her dashboard in Phoenix, AZ. Majoring in Public Policy and minoring in Psychology, Christina is passionate about representation, empowerment, and equity. In addition to serving on DSG, she was the former Program Director of Project BUILD and on the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee of Business Oriented Women. You can find Christina drinking (spilling) tea on 1st floor Perkins, curating Spotify playlists, and picnicking in the gardens. She also enjoys hiking, reading, doodling, and talking about how she knows Zion Williamson.

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Ramya Baby Pic.jpg

Ramya Ginjupalli (she/her)

Executive Vice President

Office Hours: Appointment Based | DSG Office & Virtual

Waving hello from the tundra is our Executive Vice President, Ramya Ginjupalli. Ramya is a senior (yikes getting SUPER old) from West Bloomfield, MI. She is majoring in Evolutionary Anthropology and Global Health...if she manages to finish all of her graduation requirements in time. In her free time (jk when is she free) she leads tours around campus, volunteers at vaccine clinics, and conducts stigma research with DGHI. Outside of all of that you can also find her binge-watching All American, Outer Banks, or Bridgerton and attempting to cook (send vegetarian recipes ~please~). She also loves exploring new music genres from punk rock to rap to country. At any point in the day you can find her in the DSG office with a Panera Cold Brew people-watching to distract herself from studying. Feel free to contact her whenever - she would love to hear from you!

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Shrey Majmudar (he/him)

Chief of Staff

Office Hours: Thursdays 4:00pm-5:00pm | Virtual

Shrey is a senior from Austin, Texas—all too evident by his unsolicited (read: iconic) “y’alls” or “yeehaws,” his rampant use of the 🤠 emoji, or the fact that he’s a walking Torchy’s Tacos advertisement—and a recovering pre-med student to his dear mother’s dismay. Shrey is studying Public Policy, Computer Science, and Science & Society, but his life admittedly revolves around his relentless service to the University. Outside of Duke Student Government, Shrey also loves leading tours for prospective students, overseeing growth & strategy for Duke Impact Investing Group, and participating in anything national security related on campus. In his free time, Shrey can be found volunteering for FIRST Robotics (a STEM education non-profit), devouring strong coffee ice cream, chipping away at his private pilot license, and listening to Hans Zimmer’s magnificent film scores (or depressingly sad songs – ‘it’s a vibe,’ he swears!) on repeat. On campus, you can spot a wild Shrey speed walking across the quad even though he’s in absolutely no rush, hidden away in the DSG Office, or impulsively buying a You Pick Two at Panera. Oh, and… Anyone reading this should consider themselves invited to Shrey’s funeral! He’s made a reluctant self-prognosis of the profound cholesterol issues he’s going to have later in life, given his daily motto is “extra cheese, please.”

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Devan Baby Pic.jpeg
Devan Baby Pic.jpeg

Devan Desai (he/him)

President Pro Tempore

Office Hours: Mondays, Wednesdays 2:00pm-3:00pm | DSG Office & Virtual

Driving a lengthy 15 minutes to campus is our President Pro Tempore, Devan Desai. Devan is a junior from Durham (no, campus is not “just in his backyard”) studying Public Policy, Biology, and Chemistry. He is passionate about health policy, music, Bollywood, trashy rom coms/dramas, and anything superhero related. Outside of DSG, Devan is involved with SCOHP, Duke Sangeet, Honor Council, tour guiding, and various research projects. He is also working with the Sanford School (evident in how he can perfectly navigate the staircases) and as a Margolis Scholar with the Margolis Center for Health Policy. You can find Devan drinking iced coffee from Beyu, eating too many samosas from Tandoor, or being indecisive about where to study on campus. Feel free to message him with TV show recs (for post MCAT bingeing), DSG or just to say hi!

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Meghna Baby Pic.jpeg
Meghna Baby Pic.jpg

Meghna Mahadevan (she/her)

Vice President of Academic Affairs

Office Hours: Tuesdays 12:00pm-1:00pm | DSG Office & Virtual

Meghna is a senior who grew up in the small town of Elon, NC (being from here is actually one of her personality traits). She is majoring in Economics and Public Policy (but constantly contemplates what her life would've been like if she attempted to be pre-med). She is passionate about academic accessibility, transparency, and mentorship. She is also the Awaaz co-chair for Duke Diya (shameless plug for Awaaz 2021 here, hehe) and volunteers with Best Buddies. You can find Meghna in the Gothic Reading Room outside area (never the actual GRR) studying talking, eating a Ginger and Soy noodle bowl (Ginger and Soy is the best restaurant at WU, no debate), having the occasional crisis or two outside Vondy (happens to us all), chatting with someone in the BC Plaza, and spending a bit too much time scrolling through Twitter. She also enjoys reading, trying new foods, going on long drives with friends, and indulging in her guilty pleasures of Love Island and 2010s pop.

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Lana Baby Pic.jpeg
Lana Baby Pic.jpeg

Lana Gesinsky (she/her)

Vice President of Campus Life

Office Hours: Wednesdays 10:45am-11:45am | Virtual

Lana is a junior from New York City majoring in Political Science, minoring in Psychology, and doing the Ethics and Society Certificate. Her first-year fall she stretched her comfort zone and ran for CL Senator and has been hooked ever since. Lana is passionate about helping make sure every student feels they belong at Duke, and has a special interest in easing the transition for incoming first-years and transfers. She is also a Baldwin Scholar, a Duke Presidential Ambassador, and does work with the Kenan Institute for Ethics. You can find her procrastinating by saying hi to people on the BC plaza or eating anything and everything related to cheese. She is super excited to interact with you all this year - email her whenever!

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Swetha Baby Pi.jpg

Swetha Rajagopal (she/her)

Vice President of Durham and Community Affairs

Office Hours: Mondays 5:00pm-6:00pm | Virtual

Swetha is a junior from Chandler, Arizona (yes, it really does get to a 120 degrees and yes, there are a lot of cacti) and is enthusiastic to be this year’s VP of DCA. Double majoring in Biology and Global Health and minoring in Chemistry, Swetha is your run of the mill pre-med student (who is not particularly “thrilled” per say to take the MCAT), and as a result, she is extremely passionate about alleviating medical and health-related as well as housing inequities amongst Durham residents. On campus, Swetha is a tour guide (and ready to wear Duke merch at a moment’s notice), treasurer of Duke’s premier feminist magazine The Muse, conference director for Duke AMWHO, does hormone research with Duke Biology, and is a 20|20 Race Scholar with the Kenan Institute of Ethics. In her free time, she absolutely LOVES binge-watching TV shows (and she watches EVERYTHING from true-crime documentaries to sitcoms set in the South), being a hardcore Swiftie and Directioner, spending wayyyy too many hours on TikTok, and convincing people that Lemonade Mouth is the best DCOM. You can find her in a study room at the Link NOT studying, enjoying a slice of strawberry shortcake at CaFe, jamming out to the Hannah Montana soundtrack on the C1, or romanticizing her life at the Duke Gardens. Swetha loves meeting and talking to new people, so come up and say hi to her anytime!

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Matthew Baby Pic.jpeg
Matthew Baby Pic.JPG

Matthew Ralph (he/him)

Vice President of Equity and Outreach

Office Hours: Thursdays 2:00pm-3:00pm | Virtual

Matthew is a senior from beautiful San Diego (best Mexican food in the US – see California Burrito) studying Statistics and Political Science. Involved in the Duke Student Government since his freshman year as a Legislative Assistant to the President Pro-Temp, for the past two years, he has happily and gratefully served as a Senator on E&O. Matthew has worked on projects relating to mental health, LGBTQ+ admissions, internal DSG reforms, and much more! Outside of DSG, he is involved in Duke's Model United Nations club (DIRA) and also has been conducting research on the local criminal justice system in Durham and its intersection with mental health and emergency department care. Matthew is also a frequent sight at Wilson, though certainly not as much as he should be. He enjoys coffee (iced of course), politics, spending time with family, and going to the beach, not necessarily in that order. Throughout all of his endeavors, Matthew strives to pursue equity and work that has the ability to uplift others.

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Hana Baby Pic.jpeg
Hana Baby Pic.jpeg

Hana Hendi (she/her)

Vice President of Services and Sustainability

Office Hours: Fridays 2:00pm-3:00pm | DSG Office + Virtual

Hana is a junior studying Biology on the pre-med track. She was born and raised in Dallas, Texas and falls into (almost) all of its stereotypes: sweet tea, more sweet tea, brisket, and a huge fan of Whataburger. During her time at Duke, Hana has been in three labs (simultaneously — not the best move) and loves to go on tangents about cellular biology or animal behavior. You can find her practicing to skate around campus, picnicking with friends at the Gardens, or studying for MCAT. Hana has been a part of DSG as a Senator since her first year at Duke, and her favorite part about student government is collaborating with student groups on the most important policies that emphasize equitable, sustainable, and accessible services. On campus, Hana serves as the President of the Muslim Student Association, works in the Immunology department, and is a Baldwin Scholar!

Drew Baby Pic.jpeg
Drew Baby Pic.jpeg

Drew Flanagan (he/him)

Chair, Student Organization Finance Committee

Office Hours: Appointment Based | BC Plaza

Junior Drew Flanagan hails from Montclair, NJ and is excited to join the DSG executive team for a second year while serving another term as the Chair of SOFC. When he’s not binge watching Money Heist (not sure why they trust him with the cash), eating lemon squares from Vondy (living off campus w/o a meal plan last year due to COVID ended that practice), or listening to country music, Drew can be found hanging around west campus with friends or studying in the library (hot take: he’s more of a Bostock fan). Outside of DSG, Drew, during his first-year, served as President of Brown House Council. Additionally, Drew currently holds appointments to the First-Year Advisory Counselor (FAC) Board, the Center for Multicultural Affairs’ Cultural Engagement Fund (CEF), and DUU’s University Union Board (UUB). As Chair of the SOFC this year, Drew is looking forward to continuing to support student groups and increase the accessibility of undergraduate resources. As a Statistical Science major, Drew is passionate about data science and has been working with other SOFC Analysts and Vice-Chairs to analyze funding data and review past investments in order to more effectively manage Duke’s student fund.

Current Projects