What is Blue Devil Buddies?

Blue Devil Buddies (BDB) is a one-on-one mentorship program that matches incoming students with current Duke students based on similar hobbies, interests, and/or personality characteristics. The program — designed by the Duke Student Government — aims to help students navigate their transition to Duke by fostering a connection with a student who can provide support and advice for the fall semester. Whether it's picking classes and clubs or adjusting to the college environment, mentees can receive support from their mentor on a wide range of topics. We hope the BDB program will ease incoming students’ transition and allow mentees to jump-start some connections with their peers both before the fall semester starts and as we move into the academic year.



Over the summer, mentors and mentees fill out a survey to get matched. Once the pairings are released, the rest of the summer is spent flexibly getting to know ones Blue Devil Buddy. Come Fall, each mentee will have a one-on-one mentor!

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The matching survey opens in late June and will remain open until July 7 at the link above (BDB21.CARRD.CO).

pairings released

The mentor/mentee pairings will be released on July 14. 

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Mentor videos, graphics, testimonials, conversation starters, and more!


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Meet the team


Navya Belavadi.JPG

Navya Belavadi

Team Lead, Class of 2024

Elizabeth Berenguer.jpeg

Elizabeth Berenguer

Class of 2024

Matthew O'Stricker

Class of 2024


Saanvi Goenka.JPG

Saanvi Goenka

Class of 2024


Ian Acriche

Class of 2023


Devan Desai

Class of 2023

Anthony Salgado.HEIC

Anthony Salgado

Class of 2024

Sophie Smith

Class of 2024

Alex Leo-Guerra.JPG

Alex Leo-Guerra

Co-Lead, Class of 2023

Meghna Mahadevan.JPG

Meghna Mahadevan

Co-Lead, Class of 2022


Brandon Qin.JPG

Brandon Qin

Team Lead, Class of 2024

Catherine McMillan.JPG

Catherine McMillan

Class of 2022

Nicole Rosenzweig.jpg

Nicole Rosenzweig

Class of 2024

Chase Barclay.jpg

Chase Barclay

Class of 2024


Tommy Shen

Class of 2023

Implementation & Evaluation

Bennett David

Team Lead, Class of 2022

James Zheng

Class of 2023

Program Leads


Lana Gesinsky

Class of 2023

Effie Mehbod

Class of 2022

Institutionalize BDB

Shrey Majmudar.jpg

Shrey Majmudar

Class of 2022


Christina Wang

Class of 2022

Ramya Ginjupalli

Class of 2022

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