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Check out the COVID-19 version of FLUNCH: VLearn! VLearn is a new virtual experience that offers undergraduates the opportunity to connect outside the classroom with any faculty member, regardless of physical location. It's the Office of Undergraduate Education's alternative to FLUNCH (faculty lunch), which is on hold this fall to reduce in-person interaction. By using the VLearn directory, students can be confident that the faculty on the directory will welcome any invitation to VLearn, from any student.

Who can VLearn:

Duke undergraduates can invite any Duke professor, whether or not they are part of the directory to VLearn.

Any faculty member invited by a student can accept a VLearn request. Also, faculty who are interested can join the permanent VLearn directory, thereby providing access for students to learn more about listed faculty and connect with them. The directory provides insights on faculty personal and academic interests.

How to VLearn:

  • Submit your VLearn request through this link at least 3 business days before you plan to hold your VLearn meeting.

  • Invite a faculty member to VLearn by directly emailing them and decide on a mutually convenient time and virtual platform. Students are encouraged to host their VLearn over Zoom, however other platforms can be used.

  • Student hosts may invite up to five student guests to attend a VLearn with them. Students can host or attend as many VLearn meetings as they wish.  

  • VLearn will not accommodate in-person meetings. All conversations will operate virtually due to COVID-19 and social distancing guidelines.

  • Note: the faculty member invited to your VLearn does not receive automatic notice of your VLearn approval. You must coordinate and confirm details with faculty guests on your own.

Fall Timeline:

  • November 16th, 2020 is the last day to schedule a VLearn

  • November 20th, 2020 is the last day to host a Vlearn.

As a memento of your experience:

  • Students who host a VLearn and faculty who participate are eligible for a one-time unique commemorative gift from Duke Stores. To receive the gift, student hosts need to take and submit a screenshot of the VLearn showing you, your guests and the faculty member.   

  • Submit their screenshot as soon as possible after your VLearn as the cut off for submission is one month after the VLearn takes place.

Questions about VLearn?


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