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student organization financing committee

The Student Organization Finance Committee (SOFC) is the primary group on campus responsible for the recognition and funding of student groups. SOFC continuously works on making obtaining funding more convenient for student groups. This year SOFC will be working closer with LAUNCH to improve the New Groups process as well as piloting an Auditing process concerning the annual budget.

our role

The SOFC is an up to 17-person undergraduate committee elected by the  DSG Senate to allocate the student fund to recognized and chartered student groups. The main duties of the SOFC are:

  •  Overseeing the Programming Fund, which is open to all recognized and chartered groups; 

  • Running the Annual Budgeting process, through which money is allocated to chartered groups for the upcoming year;

  • Reviewing and recommending nascent student groups for recognized and chartered status;  

who we are

SOFC is composed of a Chair, 4 Vice Chairs, and up to 13 general members that include 3 ex-officio appointed members (DSG Treasurer, UPB representative, DPS representative).

SOFC Chair: Devin Mahoney
Vice Chair of Programming: Drew Flanagan
Vice Chair of Auditing (Programming): Joseph Touma

Vice Chair of Auditing (Auditing): Ahana Sen
Vice Chair of New Groups: Cameron Pey


The Chair of SOFC is a Senate-elected position that serves a one calendar year term beginning in the Spring of each year following the Annual Budget Process. The Chair’s responsibilities include:

-Convening meetings of SOFC to hear funding and new groups requests
-Serving in the DSG Senate as an ex-officio member and on the Executive Board of DSG
-Serving on the University Union Board and Council for Collaborative Action
-Overseeing the disciplinary and financial auditing of student groups
-Tracking the expenditure of the Student Activities Fee
-Working with other funding boards to create consistency across campus
-Advocating for student organizations to the DSG Senate for funding or recognition
-Serving as a resource for student groups and leaders

SOFC elects its own Vice Chairs for the Programming Fund, New Groups, and Auditing. The Vice Chairs coordinate the business of SOFC and may convene sub-committees. Vice Chairs serve as resources and representatives to student groups and assume the responsibilities of the Chair in their absence.

General members of SOFC meet weekly to hear Programming Fund requests as well as New Group applications. In the Spring members also meet to determine the Annual Budget recommendation for chartered organizations. Members also serve as resources for student groups and work within sub-committees convened by the Vice Chairs

info sessions

This year all Presidents and Treasurers must attend  mandatory SOFC info sessions with dates to be announced in the SOFC blast. These will be the people allowed to present at programming and/or annual budget hearings. If an organization's president and treasurer have not attended a session by October 15, that organization will not be able to obtain any more funds from SOFC.