The Services & Sustainability Committee is dedicated to any policy and programming regarding Duke student services and their accessibility. These services encompass many areas including dining, transportation, health and wellness, technology, libraries, and the DukeCard. Additionally, the Services & Sustainability Committee focuses on ensuring that the university continues to prioritize sustainability throughout all aspects of campus. By partnering with Sustainable Duke and environmental focused student-run organizations across campus, the Services & Sustainability Committee hopes to pursue policy and projects that lead to a greener Duke. While the purview of this committee is expansive, allowing for collaboration with many university departments, the Services & Sustainability Committee primarily aims to both improve and make accessible student services across campus and to better the sustainability efforts of the university.

and sustainability 

Zac Johnson

Vice President of Services and Sustainability

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Ongoing Projects:

  • Creating a Food Point Bank to alleviate undergraduate food insecurity

  • Establishing laundry cost assistance for financial aid students

  • Working with sustainable Duke to create a ban on single-use plastics 

  • Promoting proper composting practices on our campus and increasing composting efforts in libraries and dining facilities

  • Establishing a Green Fee for non-reusable togo containers

  • (ongoing)

  • Providing a wellness-to-go vending machine stocked with over the counter medications

  • Creating a career closet to provide students in need with professional clothing for networking and interviews

  • Collecting and publishing nutritional information on campus vendors

  • Compiling Durham and Duke group events into a text subscription for students

  • Expanding Marketplace swipes equivalent on West Campus

  • Developing a Green Revolving Fund for facilities to access for energy and accessibility upgrades

  • Distributing information boxes to all freshman about sexual assault and resources on campus through the women’s center and the wellness center

  • For more information, please visit the updates page here

Completed Projects:

  • Provided students with $5.00 lunch options at every dining vendor on campus through the Daily Devil Meals

  • Created the Trillium Student Research Initiative which pairs faculty mentors with paid student researchers to help them create new interdisciplinary courses focused on sustainability and the environment

  • Worked with Campus Enterprises to bring an on campus farmer’s market

  • Converted a study room in the library to a mindfulness room (Oasis Perkins)

  • Increased recycling receptacles in 300 Swift/central campus

  • For more information, please visit the updates page here

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