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Student Advocate's Office

Welcome to the Student Advocate's Office (SAO)! We plan to launch our Pilot Program in February 2021. Feel free to read our proposal below in the meantime. More info coming soon!


Our Pilot Program Covid-19 policy at Duke will be one of our main focuses. From the Duke Compact's Expectations to Repercussions for violations and everything in between, we hope to be a source of support and guidance for you as you go through any conduct processes related to Covid-19.


Our Pilot Program will also cover issues of Academic Misconduct. Advocates will be trained to understand the conduct process so they can answer questions, support you through your cases or hearings, and point you towards the right resources on campus!


Other institutional processes involving the University, including but not limited to issues with Sexual Assault and Harassment, Hate and Bias Grievances, and Financial Aid issues will be areas we hope to expand to after the Pilot. 


If you have any suggestions on the areas we plan to target or would like to collaborate, please let us know!

Meet the Team


Christina Wang

Internal Director, Class of 2022


Devan Desai

External Director, Class of 2023

hana headshot.jpeg

Hana Hendi

Covid-19 Division Policy Director, Class of 2023

effie headshot.jpg

Effie Mehbod

Academic Misconduct Division Director, Class of 2023

haley cush headshot.JPG

Haley Cush

Advocate, Class of 2024

John Doe


Have Questions about Covid-19 or Academic Conduct Issues at Duke? |  Tel: 480-658-8816

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Become an Advocate!

If you are interested in becoming an advocate or have questions about the program, please contact us!

Christina Wang: 480-658-8816

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