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Given that Student Organization Finance Committee funds are collected from the undergraduate Student Activities Fee, all requests must be accessible, open, of direct benefit to, and free to all Duke undergraduates. Additionally, Duke undergraduates must be able to access information about your event and feel welcomed in accordance with the university's nondiscrimination policy. Please keep in mind that we are a subsidizing body and, therefore, cannot fully fund most requests due to budget constraints.

Programming Fund


Support the sharing of student organization curiosity, interests, and educational aims directly with the larger Duke undergraduate community

Annual Budget


Assist student organizations with any basic operating or upfront expenses critical to the viability of their group at Duke


– SOFC Chartered Student Groups

–SOFC Recognized Student Groups


– SOFC Chartered Student Groups


Rolling (August – April)


One-Time (April)


Must submit a request on DukeGroups using the process described here by Sundays at 7 PM EDT.

(to be eligible for funding for an event at least a week from the Thursday after the Sunday of submission*)


March 8, 11:55 PM EST 

(application opens in February 15) 


Tuesdays, 7 – 9:30 PM EDT




 – Events must be accessible, open, and free to all Duke undergraduates.

– Must be advertised through the official class of Facebook pages, registered on DukeGroups, and included in the Chair’s Weekly Blast. See our advertising "how-to" guide here for some tips and platforms where you can share your event. 

– Participation can be capped as long as students have equal access to the event sign up. Therefore, events with sign-ups must be facilitated through SOFC Chair’s weekly Blast.

– Unused funds must be returned to SOFC via the UCAE Business & Finance Office at the end of the semester (instructions below).

– Alcohol will not be funded and cannot be present at an event receiving SOFC funding.

– Apparel and giveaways (gift cards, prizes, etc.) will not be funded.


– An action plan must be in place to store Capital Expenditures.

– New groups can only request up to $1000 of funds their first year. Long-term expenses will be considered.

– Alcohol will not be funded and cannot be present at an event receiving SOFC funding.

– Unused funds must be returned to SOFC via the UCAE Business & Finance Office at the end of the academic year (instructions below).


1. SOFC Hearing (Tuesday) 

To prepare, feel free to use these sample questions or meet with the Chair or Executive Vice-Chair during their Office Hours.

2. DSG Senate Presentation (if request total over $1500 or SOFC asks DSG for a “second opinion”) (Wednesday) 

3. Funds Transfer (initiated Thursday, arrives the latest by the following Thursday)

4. Return unused funds at the end of the semester using these instructions.


1. March 8 @ 11:55 PM EST:

Application due (see guidelines and instructions here)


2. March 11- March 30:

SOFC Hearing (individually scheduled by invitation)  

3. March 31 – April 14:

DSG Senate Presentation (Chair presents SOFC recommendations)

4. Early August:

UCAE Business & Finance transfers funds to Student Organization Accounts (University COVID guidelines will be reviewed before allocations are released to ensure compliance)

5. End of the 2021-2022 academic year:

Return unused funds using these instructions

line items funded

Hover OVer Boxes Below For SpEcifics



Space Rentals 

Marketing Costs 

Reusable Items 



line items funded

Hover OVer Boxes Below For SpEcifics


Marketing Costs

General Body Meetings

Reusable Items


National Dues


*Except for the early funding call in August, we require that requests be submitted at least 11 days in advance of the event date. For requests that are more logistically complicated and expensive, we recommend that they are submitted several weeks in advance. The Programming Fund is open to eligible student groups on a first-come-first-serve basis. Additionally, given that SOFC is a subsidizing body, funding decisions might be different than expected and require financial flexibility on behalf of the student organization. 

SOFC does not fund alcohol or events where alcohol is present.


For the Spring '21 semester, UCAE will be allowing limited in-person programming for student organizations. In-person events will need to adhere to the in-person event guidelines listed here. Please know that SOFC is unable to fulfill funding requests until UCAE approves in-person event requests on DukeGroups.


UCAE asks that student organizations allow 5 days for processing for virtual events and 14 days for processing for in-person events. Please consider this timeline in addition SOFC's requirement that student organizations submit funding requests at least 11 days in advance of their event date.


COVID: Only costs for virtual events are being considered at this time as Duke policies prevent guests from coming to campus.

  • SOFC will only fund speaker honorariums and/or travel/lodging costs if the speaker asks explicitly – students cannot offer a speaker compensation.

  • PROCESS: 1) Students should email to prepare a contract with UCAE prior to signing up for a SOFC hearing. Please note the contract process can take 4-6 weeks. 2) Once the terms of the contract are set, students should apply to SOFC. The unsigned contract should be presented at the hearing. 3) If SOFC approves funds, the UCAE team member the student was working with will sign the contract on the student's behalf (students cannot sign contracts).

  • We do not compensate Duke employees.

  • Here are our “soft cap” funding ranges based on projected attendance.

Penn Pavilion September 15, 2017

COVID: In-person conferences/related travel must follow UCAE guidance

Programming Fund: We will support Duke-created, Duke undergraduate centered conferences, provided that they are on Duke's campus or platforms. Note that Duke provides webinar licensing to student groups for free here.

Annual Budget: Registration and travel fees may be subsidized – see Travel.


COVID: In-person activities must follow UCAE guidance.

  • We will support costs for fundraising events, e.g. food for a bake sale or a space rental for a charity ball, up to $200/event.

  • The proceeds from the event, not the allocation money given from SOFC, can be donated to a 501(c)(3) organization.

  • Consistent with the Programming Fund stipulations, student groups cannot require payment from students but can recommend a suggested donation.


COVID: In-person activities must follow UCAE guidance.

  • We will fund one general body meeting per Chartered Group per semester up to $125/meeting. 


COVID: In-person activities must follow UCAE guidance.

  • Programming Fund: We do not fund online, social media, or printed advertising. However, we do fund printed performance or event programs. (e.g. the program of a dance show) up to a maximum of $40/event.

  • Annual Budget: Website costs may be funded if there is a significant reason for not using (a free site-building service). The SOFC logo must be displayed on the site if funds are allocated.

  • Given that SOFC is a subsidizing body and, therefore, cannot always fund line items fully, here is a list of other funding sources on campus available to Duke undergraduates and how to access them. While these sources are not directly connected with SOFC, we are providing this list to assist student groups.


COVID: In-person activities must follow UCAE guidance.

  • You can explore on-campus space rental options and their costs as well as cheaper alternatives to commonly sought spaces here.

  • Space reservations requiring a contract and payment must be prepared and documented, but not signed when making a request for SOFC funding as there is no guarantee the event will be funded. Students cannot sign contracts – see guidance in the “Speakers & Contracts” box above for the PROCESS. Contracts should be prepared, but not signed by the appropriate UCAE team member until SOFC funding has been secured.

  • Space reservations that can be made without cost must be made and documented when making a request for SOFC funding.

  • On-campus events will be prioritized over off-campus events. If an off-campus event is funded, it must conclude before 9 PM and transportation must be available.


  • Programming Fund: We will not fund the purchase of reusable items, including but not limited to appliances or merchandise; however, we will fund and strongly encourage the renting of these items. Contracts must be prepared and presented to SOFC but cannot be signed unless appropriate funds are allocated.

  • Annual Budget: We will fund the purchase of reusable items if they are needed over the long-term. An action plan for storage must be developed.

  • Fees may be subsidized. 


COVID: In-person activities must follow UCAE guidance.

  • May be subsidized at $20/Duke undergraduate for SOFC Chartered Groups.


COVID: All Travel allocations are currently suspended due to COVID-19.

  • Encourage Zoom and other technology for connectivity to reduce expense and environmental impact.

  • We do provide funding for Uber or Lyft codes.

  • Funds for transportation to a service activity should be requested through the Service External Representative.

  • See specific funding guidelines here.

COVID: In-person activities must follow UCAE guidance.

Meal Allocation Range:

Breakfast/Dessert/Snacks:$3-2/Duke undergrad

Lunch: $6-5/Duke undergrad

Dinner: $8-7/Duke undergrad

Pizza: $3-2/Duke undergrad

  • SOFC decides where in the allocation range to fund after considering event details

  • Groups should account for utensils & tips in the allocation

  • SOFC does not fund drinks

  • A group cannot receive overlapping allocations unless the event includes more than one meal


Account Activity

The UCAE Business & Finance Office makes all transactions and account balances viewable to organization "officers" in DukeGroups. Click here for instructions that explain how to access this information. Please email with any questions or if you notice any discrepancies as they manage all accounts and handle transactions.


If you believe SOFC applied the SOFC By-Law and relevant guidelines incorrectly, or that a waiver of guidelines is justified by exceptional circumstances, an appeal process can be started with this form within two weeks of your SOFC hearing. Please keep in mind an informal conversation with the SOFC Chair or Executive Vice-Chair at their Office Hours is required before a claim can be moved to the Financial Oversight and Appeals Committee (FOAC).

To view all SOFC requests and decisions, click here to view our live tracker. Please note that this data transparency initiative was started in Spring '21 so all allocations reflect that time forward. Also, please use the notes column to contextualize decisions as different University policies and procedures beyond SOFC's policies can often govern decision making.


Programming Fund

– SOFC members randomly and selectively (justification can be requested) audit around 5-10 events/week.

– An Auditor will assess “openness,” evaluate the implementation of line item funds, ensure there has been the necessary advertising as described in the Programming Fund Stipulations.

– When possible (the exception being off-campus events), an auditor will not be an active member of the student group they are auditing.

– We will ensure that unused funds are returned to SOFC via the UCAE Business & Finance Office at the end of the semester using these instructions.

Annual Budget

– “Check-ins” will be conducted both randomly and selectively (justification can be requested) to understand how allocations are being spent.

– Relevant documents and receipts may be requested by Auditors.

– We will ensure that unused funds are returned to SOFC via the UCAE Business & Finance Office at the end of the academic year using these instructions.

– Violations levels reset after each academic year and can be found here.

– If there are very obvious/egregious discrepancies between the funding request and what is actually going on at the event, or advertising issues, the group will incur penalties.

– Not returning funds to SOFC may also constitute additional penalties.

Our goal is to be constructive and make sure there are enough funds to meet the needs of all the groups we serve, not to catch anyone or penalize mistakes.


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