Meet The Candidates

For President and Executive Vice President

Voting will begin on Thursday, March 7th at 12pm and end on Friday, March 8th at 12pm. Students will receive an email in their inbox from our Attorney General, John Markis, with a link to the ballot. We strongly encourage everyone to take this opportunity to learn as much as possible about each of the candidates in order to make an informed decision. Happy voting!


Daisy Almonte

My name is Daisy Almonte, I'm a junior from a small town southeast of here called Turkey. I’m running for DSG president because I believe in the student body, in using our collective voices to push Duke to grow. My platform is centered on starting with equity whether it’s admissions or financial aid policy decisions, amplifying student demands by allowing more non-DSG student input in sexual misconduct policy and calling on safety-enhancing mechanisms for all undocumented individuals, especially those who choose not to disclose, and turning representation into a two-way street where I keep the entire student body up to date on meetings with administrators and policy developments. Through my work magnifying student activists’ calls for a hate and bias policy, organizing against potential changes to Title IX implementation and strategizing how Duke could best respond, allowing students to bring forth hidden obstacles in the internship search process to the Career Center by creating a student-led feedback committee, I have prioritized student voices. As President, I will push for representation that allows students to decide what’s best for their campus. 

Saheel Chodavadia

I'm Saheel Chodavadia, a junior from Austin, Texas majoring in Economics and Psychology. Since arriving at Duke, I've been a mentor for refugee students and their families through the Kenan Institute, the Interfaith Representative and now President of the Hindu Students Association, and a member of Duke Innovation & Entrepreneurship where I’ve worked directly with DUMAC (Duke’s Endowment Managers) to advocate for divestment.


I believe in a Duke that is our home, where each student is empowered to define their own trajectory. This vision forms the driving force behind my campaign which is defined clearly in three words: access, community, and transformation. I will democratize access to opportunity for all students by restructuring advising, building upon my previous experience as Vice President of Academic Affairs. I will foster community and a new academic culture by expanding a one-to-one peer mentorship program so that no student feels as though their lack of networks precludes them from success. I have already created a platform for students to explicitly name and describe experiences of hate and bias, and I will spend this next year amplifying these voices to administration to push for accountability beyond ineffective faculty training sessions. Finally, I plan to transform this campus by enabling DSG to be what it was always meant to be, a forum for students to organize, consolidate, and unite in common cause. If Duke really is our home, as I believe it can and should be, it’s about time we redecorate.

Liv McKinney

My name is Liv McKinney, I use she/her/hers pronouns, and I am a junior from Columbus, Ohio studying biology, chemistry, and medical sociology. Besides from constantly debating whether or not I am premed, I am a member of FAC board, involved in a Bass Connections Team researching access to cervical cancer screening in rural areas, and I am a server at the Commons. 


I joined DSG after discovering how difficult it was for some students to afford life at Duke, and since joining, the majority of my project work has focused on making student's lives easier. 


For next year, I want to continue making Duke more accessible through expanding financial and physicalaccessibility efforts through increasing financial literacy resources for students, addressing the many hidden costs of attending Duke, and working to improve the physical accessibility of existing structures on campus. I want to hold Duke accountable to its students and our greater community through projects regarding Hate & Bias policy, sexual assault policy, and promoting Ban-the-Box hiring. And, I want to reimagine student life to work better for all of us through improving mental health culture, reducing our waste impacts, and planning for the new west campus!! 

Executive Vice President

Avery Boltwood

I'm Avery Boltwood, a junior from The Colony, Texas. I study Political Science, and I'm minoring in French or Creative Writing (depending on when you ask me). I'm running for DSG Executive Vice President because I want to make DSG more responsive to students generally. Right now, DSG is very responsive to students who have the support of a group (e.g. Greek affiliation, student organization membership, etc.). However, DSG has no clear points of contact for students who aren't on some organization's executive board. I want to create those clear points of contact so DSG can better support students of all walks of life. And I hope to have your help!