Equity and Outreach

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About Us

The Equity and Outreach committee oversees policy and programming concerning marginalized students at Duke and creating just and equitable opportunities for all students. The E and O committee works closely with the big five affinity groups that include the Black Student Alliance, Mi Gente, the Asian Student Association, the Native American Student Association and the DIYA Duke South Asian Student Association. The committee seeks to create and reform policies and programs so that they are equitable for all prospective and current students at Duke. For example, we are working to provide institutional support for undocumented students. Policies involving local and national discrimination issues and initiatives designed to facilitate University engagement for marginalized communities fall under the purview of this committee. 

Meet the Committee

  • Christina Wang

  • Name

    4th-Year Senator


  • Name

    4th-Year Senator


  • Shirley Mathur

    3rd-Year Senator


  • Hamza Mohamoud

    1st-Year Senator


  • Zella Hanson

    2nd-Year Senator


  • Rachel Proudman

    2nd-Year Senator


  • Kai Chen

    1st-Year Senator


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Current Projects

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