It's that time of year again: time to run for DSG!

We are holding elections for SENATE POSITIONS

Start your campaign and make your mark on Duke University!


Questions? Email Attorney General Jason Scharff at

the steps


PICK A process (link in box)


- Collect 25 signatures from your class

- Run a campaign (Attend the 9/4 or 9/5 election meeting with the Attorney General and Board of Elections to find out more)

- No need to answer questions unless you want to be considered for At - Large

- No signatures

- No campaign

- Longer application packet with questions and a potential interview

Elected Packet

(first-Years only)

At-Large Packet

(All Undergrads)

You should only fill out 1 packet!

Find YOUR committee


2 elected senators per committee per class year

Number of At - Large senators per committee fluctuates based on current committee sizes


Submit your packet

Follow the packet instructions and submit to the airtable link

Elected due

September 6th, 11:59 pm ET

At - Large due

September 7th, 11:59 pm ET


Run for dsg

For Elected Positions

The election voting period is 

Thursday, September 10, 12:00 pm -- Friday, September 11, 12:00 pm

Be sure to attend one of the two Attorney General and Board of Election Meetings on:

Friday, September 4 at 6:00 pm EST -- Zoom Link 

Saturday, September 5 at 6:00 pm EST -- Zoom Link

Friday, September 4 AG + BOE Meeting: Presentation and Slides

For At-Large

Interviews will take place

September 12 -- September 13

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