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The Durham and Regional Affairs committee oversees policy and programming concerning student and university engagement with the city of Durham and the state of North Carolina. The DRA committee works closely with the University Office of Durham and Regional Affairs, the Office of Public Affairs and Government Relations, the Duke-Durham Neighborhood Partnership, the Office of Civic Engagement, and the Office of Student Affairs. Broadly, the committee seeks to facilitate partnership between Duke and the surrounding region. Programs facilitating student interaction with the community, partnerships with local government councils, policies involving local or national elections, and initiatives designed to facilitate University engagement in Durham and North Carolina fall under the purview of this committee.

Aly Diaz

Vice President of Durham and Regional Affairs


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Completed Projects:


Within the last 12 months, DRA has successfully established on-campus voting sites for the primary and general elections, successful piloted a course for a new Durham centric FOCUS cluster, organized an on-campus Affordable Housing Round Table, revitalized the Duke-Durham discount program, acquired TurboVote (a new voter registration software program) for all Duke undergraduates and registered more than 500 first year students to vote, and worked with DPS and PTS to administer free Ubers to service sites in the community.


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ongoing projects:


Over the next 12 months, our committee will work on piloting a text-subscription service that informs students of events and opportunities to engage within Durham, establishing a Duke Day of Service (a campus-wide programming event encouraging off campus service projects), expanding mentorship between Duke students and middle/high school students in Durham, strengthening partnerships with the UNCSGA and other student government consortiums to advocate for public policy beyond Duke, and ensuring that FOCUS, TurboVote, and on-campus voting are successfully executed in the coming months.


For more information on 2018-2019 projects, click here.

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