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DukeGroups is our online hub for student engagement and involvement opportunities as well as the administrative control center:

– apply for programming, annual budget

– manage rosters and organization authorized spenders 

– post events and manage sign-ups

– submit UCAE Business & Finance requests

Commitment to community

We are committed to supporting, developing, and funding all student organizations, while respecting each organization’s values and identities. We embrace the diversity of student organizations and the value they bring to the Duke community. SOFC supports the curiosity, interests, and educational aims of Duke’s student organizations as they relate to enhancing the undergraduate experience.


SOFC encourages the unique perspectives brought forth through student events. The goal of SOFC’s Programming Fund is to share these unique perspectives with the larger Duke undergraduate community. Events funded through the Programming Fund are required to be accessible, inclusive, open, of direct benefit to, and free for all Duke undergraduates. All students should feel welcome and benefit from their attendance at SOFC-funded events.


We recognize and appreciate the tremendous efforts put forth by student organizations to plan events. However, SOFC is a subsidizing body, and we oftentimes cannot fund events in full or recognize all groups that would like to be. We aim to base our funding and recognition decisions in transparent and consistent guidelines, and we will act to ensure these standards, including openness and accessibility, are met. SOFC is committed to ensuring the inclusivity and diversity of student organizations at Duke.

Status Change

    Recognized       Chartered


Chartered       Recognized


Group name change


Apply here through DukeGroups.

Financial oversight & appeals committee 


Learn more about how to appeal SOFC funding decisions with FOAC here.

Information sessions


The SOFC Executive Team will host two information sessions in the Fall Term and one in the Spring Term for authorized spenders to educate on policies, initiatives, and auditing practices.


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