Have an idea?

Don't see a student organization that aligns with your interests, passions, or talents? Want to share a new perspective with the Duke community?

Consider starting a new SOFC Recognized or Chartered Group to access funding and involvement resources through the Duke Student Government (DSG) network.



1) Uniqueness

2) interest





3) purpose




4) Apply



5) SOFC Analyst appointment


6) sofc hearing


7) DSG Senate hearing




8) UCAE Business & Finance

At least 10 Duke undergraduate students and a faculty adviser are needed before you can seek the creation of a new group.


Make sure you've thought carefully about the diversity of class years for founding members – groups with members that span multiple years are more likely to thrive into the future.

Develop a constitution with goals, officer descriptions, election procedures, impeachment protocol, non-discriminatory policy, and other stipulations in accordance with University and DSG Bylaws.

Check DukeGroups and scroll on the web page to the right to make sure your potential new group goals are not reflected in an existent group.


If the ideas are similar, think about how your group is different and can uniquely contribute to Duke's undergraduate community.

SOFC analysts will help you articulate the vision for your group and direct you on first steps to take. After a consultation, analysts will decide whether or not to approve your organization for a SOFC hearing. Analysts will reach out to schedule an appointment after your group applies through DukeGroups.

Pending SOFC analyst approval, SOFC hears new group requests on a first-come-first-served basis. Depending on the number of requests already submitted and in queue, it can take several weeks for your application to be heard.  Applicants with time-sensitive deadlines should submit requests early. SOFC will reach out to schedule a hearing. See guidance here for a successful hearing.

Pending SOFC approval at a Tuesday hearing, DSG Senate will vote on whether or not to charter/recognize or reject a potential new group at ahearing the following night. Group leaders will have the opportunity to present their group idea to the Senate or can have the SOFC Chair present on their behalf.

Pending DSG Senate approval at a Wednesday meeting, the SOFC and University Center for Activities & Events Student Involvement and Business & Finance teams will work with the newly approved student organization to open a funding account and make them eligible for SOFC funds. Please note that new groups are capped at $1000 when applying for Annual Budget in their first year.

Once you are logged in to your authorized Duke undergraduate account, apply here through DukeGroups using the First-Time Organizations button at the top of the page.

The application questions found on DukeGroups can also be found here. The answer to these questions should be answered in DukeGroups – this document is to help you craft responses and a constitution before submission.


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