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Academic Affairs

About Us

The Academic Affairs committee oversees all activities that support the academic mission of the university. The main goal of the committee is to always strive to improve the academic environment on campus. This is done by looking at ways to improve resources, creating new and innovative programs, and receiving feedback from students. The purview of the Academic Affairs Committee includes Duke curriculum, faculty programs and pedagogy, course evaluations, academic advising, course registration, tuition, financial aid, the university academic calendar, admissions, student-faculty interaction, the Undergraduate Honor Code, academic services, study abroad programs, international civic engagement programs, and special academic programs. Academic Affairs Committee members work closely with Office of the Provost, the Office of the Dean of Trinity College, and the Office of the Dean of the Pratt School for Engineering.

Meet the Committee

Meeting Times

Sundays 5pm-6pm

Want to get involved? Pick a project and contact the senator!

Current Projects

  • Expanding Research Accessibility

  • Reinstating GRUNCH

  • Revamping Career Advising and Exploration

  • Syllabus Bank

  • Centralizing Duke Resources

  • Expanding House Course Accessibility

  • Informing Duke's Curriculum Reform

  • Reforming CAPS Data Gathering Practices

  • Duke and Durham 101 Course Development

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