Voting will begin on Thursday, September 20th at 12pm and end on Friday, April 21st at 12pm. You will receive a link to the ballot in your Duke email inbox from our Attorney General, Anna Kasrazde. Take this opportunity to read through your candidates' platforms and make the best decision at the ballot.


Brian Linder

Spartanburg, SC - Bell Tower

1. I hope to work on the addition of course syllabi to DukeHub. This would prevent some students from being extremely stressed and frantically switching courses at the beginning of each semester. With less class swapping in the first weeks of class, more could be achieved and learned in the first weeks of class.

2. I believe that a small classroom environment, and easy access to the instructor can truly enhance the learning experience. I hope to work to increase the number of sections of certain courses, and decrease the number of students in discussion sections.

3. I stand ready to be your voice in the Duke Student Government. As student body president in high school and a member of the local United Way Board of Directors, I voiced concerns to administrators and became a community advocate. I hope to have the opportunity to represent you!

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Ava Changnon

Atlanta, GA - Trinity

1. Expand Pre-Orentation Programs

2. Help to Increase Financial Literacy Among First-Years

3. Create Opportunities for First-Years to Have Their Voices Heard

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Gabi Marushack

Durham, NC - Wilson

1. IMPROVE THE DUKE-DURHAM RELATIONSHIP by establishing a work-study program that enables students to provide opportunities to Durham residents in need. For example, job matching programs or computer skill workshops.

2. FORM CONNECTIONS WITH LOCAL LEADERS by inviting Durham politicians, activists, and entrepreneurs to share their ideas for improving our city with Duke students over dinner at a local restaurant! This will increase opportunities for Duke students to get involved in Durham politics or startups.

3. INCREASE COMMUNICATION WITH DURHAM GOVERNMENT by arranging meetings between DSG representatives and government departments, including the offices of city-county planning, neighborhood development, police, EMS, etc.

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Allison Bunker

Seattle, WA - Gilbert Addoms

1. Something I would really like to work on is broader programming to educate the student body at duke about privilege and the way it operates in their own lives. I think most of us can agree that Duke is a place where much privilege can be found. This privilege, whether it be racial, socioeconomic, or educational, can cause many of us, myself certainly included, to have blind spots about the world around us. I would want to help the Equity and Outreach committee can continue to work on programs like the LGBTQIA+ invitational weekend and the Minorities United Coalition, but also add programs to break down and understand the privilege that so many of us hold.

2. Many new students at Duke are coming from communities where people are more alike to them demographically then their new peers at Duke. In this environment it can therefore be easy to cling to people, who like back home, are more similar to yourself. However to me, the purpose of a place like Duke seems to be the exact opposite. I would propose a program to pair people who are come from very different backgrounds then each other randomly for short meals together.

3. The power of physical space to house community is undeniable, spaces on campus like the women's center, the CMA, or the CSGD are important to developing community and comfort. I would propose that alongside the women's center, and potentially in partnership with the CMA, physical space for students of minority groups be created within east campus for incoming freshmen.

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Allie Kunstler

Long Island, NY - Trinity

1. I hope to establish a system in which equivalency is transferred to food points, for use at all food vendors at any time, rather than simply to specific places at specific hours. Additionally, it would be beneficial if the $5 option at the food vendors is more visible to students, and the variety of foods offered at marketplace is increased.

2. I would also like to better our living quality by implementing weekly cleanups of campus.

3. Lastly, I am determined to make sure each student’s voice is heard, and establishing a system in which students can anonymously send the DSG ideas of their own on bettering our community.

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